A Bit About Me

Here in the Village of Chepachet, RI, in my home studio, I create translucent and colorful works of art using painted and colored glass to create sun catchers and larger glass panels. Light is a crucial part of my art. With light from the sun, each piece is transformed,  whether it be my painted glass or the cut stained glass pieces. It's an ever changing piece, taking its direction from the light around it.

Art has always been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. While in college, I made extra money painting murals in people's homes, on walls, and doors throughout RI.

Then, once graduating with a degree in art education. I worked as an art teacher at Smithfield High School until the birth of my second daughter. During the next 5 years, I stayed home and worked on my art when I could, participating in art festivals a few times a year. When my youngest started kindergarten, I started the job search. My love of gardening and my creative side landed me a job as a gardener at The Golden Lamb Buttery in Brooklyn Connecticut. Here I would stay for the next 9 years, loving every minute of it. While at the Lamb, I spend spring and summer in the garden, growing flowers for beautiful bouquets to showcase throughout the restaurant, and during late November, I would start the Christmas wreath making for decorating the facade and interior of the barn/restaurant. at the end of each year, the garden was put to bed, and was time for holiday art shows to begin, but soon the Lamb would close its doors and end the season for good.

It has been three years since "The Lamb" has closed its doors and took a much deserved retirement, finishing at the top of its game, in which, prompted me into the art world full time.

While this season of 2020 is proving to be a tough one, the art still gets made, my studio remains a busy mess, and my online presents has made all the difference, i take this opportunity to grow, learn, and transform only for the better.