Due to Covid-19 there will be no painting workshops for the rest of 2020

Many art shows have been canceled. Please keep up to date by following me on Kim's Painted Glass Facebook Page
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All designs are original. I start every piece with a drawing and from there, cut a clear piece of glass to fit the image. The next step is to paint the image onto the glass. This is called reverse glass painting. Therefore, once the painting is complete, it gets turned over to the viewing side. Some of these paintings are small, and those get soldered around the edges with hand crafted hardware for hanging. I simply call these sun catchers. My larger panels of painted glass get a stained glass border. The border is designed once the painting is complete. While I do all the stained glass myself, it’s really about the painting. The stained glass part for me is just the finishing touch to help the painting stand out.  


My favorite way to get my art out into the world is through Art Festivals. I normally participate year round. Last year I attended 37 days of art shows, but now in 2020, many art shows are postponed or canceled due to the virus, but the making doesn’t stop. The art must go on. Some options for purchasing art in this time of covid:


In person, at Hotpoint Emporium, in Bristol, RI.


Our New!

Shop Chepachet ~ Pop-up Co-op

in Northern Rhode Island


Shopping online here😉


I cannot wait to see you all again!!,

message me with questions or purchases!